Mechanical Seals

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VISCO offer a complete range of mechanical seals, support systems and bearing protection. We have one of the most comprehensive component seal product portfolios available; our range incorporates seal to suit an extensive range of applications in all industry.

VISCO carry a comprehensive range of cartridge seals for all application and industry sector. This includes single, double, mixer, radially divided, metal bellows and many more. There is an extensive choice of face materials, elastomer compounds and seal metallurgy.

In the Component Seal range, you can choose from hydraulically balanced and unbalanced types, rubber bellows, ‘O’-ring type or metal bellows type. refurbishable or ‘throw-away’ type.

VISCO offer a range of ‘Pump Brand Specific’ seals that are designed to fit directly into the same cavity as the original seals fitted to the new pump at the time of manufacture. Our hydraulically balanced range of cartridge single and double seals are designed to deliver excellent levels of performance, reliability and application adaptability. Many models share wearable components, which results in the minimisation of refurbishment times as component availability is maximized.

Our Sales Engineers have decades of mechanical seal application experience that enables them to make informed and accurate recommendations to solve sealing problems within your plant. Please contact them directly or our Sales Office for technical data or if you wish to discuss a possible application in your plant.

Environmental Seals

VISCO offer a range of Environmental Control devices for single and multiple seal systems that enhance your ability to restrict atmospheric emissions and to control the operating environment that the seal is exposed to.

Our systems can be sealed or vented, depending on the outcomes that you are trying to achieve. With a sealed system you eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination of barrier fluid systems and the consequent linked seal failures. It also enables you to run a fluid filled barrier system where piped fluid systems are not readily available. With a pressurised barrier fluid system, seals can be utilised in high pressure applications that are normally beyond the seal’s standard pressure capabilities.

Environmental Control Systems are also an excellent way to control operating temperatures around the Seal Chamber.

Seal Rebuilds - All Makes

Our in-house Seal Refurbishing Facility is set up to meet our customer’s seal repair/refurbishment needs. Should you have a seal that has worn out or failed in service, or that has been accidentally damaged, we can repair an extensive array of seal styles regardless of ‘brand’. We have the capacity to repair urgently needed seals quickly and ‘cost-effectively’.

Whether simply a matter of lapping seal faces, replacing springs and elastomers, or a total rebuild that may require component remanufacturing, we can meet your needs. We inspect, assess, quote and report our findings prior to commencing repairs. Once our quote has been accepted, we will carry out the work and bill according to our quotation. All seals are pressure tested prior to despatching them to our customers. Therefore, you can reinstall with confidence.